”No One Deserves Abuse”


Verbal abuse is still abuse. It’s abuse in the form of words. Don’t assume that a few hurtful words won’t cost them their life. Words hurt.”

Give yourself permission to get away from anything that causes you pain. If it is someone that causes that pain seriously evaluate how important that person is to you. Ask yourself is it worth going through any emotional, financial or mental or even through physical abuse just to stay with them?
Abusive relationships have many underlying issues in common. Men and women who drink and use too many drugs or men and women who have anger issues that are related to past experiences that they haven’t been able to heal from.

when addiction enters the scene it is never a good thing. these people are often not themselves when they’re under the influence whether it’s alcohol or drug abuse. They often have major emotional issues that can’t be solved by being romantically involved with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. It requires them to step outside their own comfort zone and reflect on themselves. I’ve seen people get out of that scene and I’ve seen people who were never able to.

We live in a time where women have equal opportunities to work and save up their own money, they no longer need to be financially dependent on men. Many of these abusive relationships have a lot of problems with co-dependency especially financially and emotional dependency and they have unhealthy sexual lifestyles regardless if it is consensual or not but of course consensual is preferred. However, when addiction is in the mix it can lead to a dysfunctional sex life and this can cause many problems in a relationship or marriage. When you don’t have social or financial independence in these relationships it can cause issues.


drug and alcohol abuse is so common in abusive relationships you can practically predict who is going to experience it and who’s not going to. these people often struggle a great deal with underlying emotional issues that require the individual to realize and understand they have issues, but most importantly they have to make that decision for themselves to get help and work on staying sober learning how to deal with their issues without turning to booze and drugs.

It’s normal for couples to argue, but domestic violence is never okay no matter what gender. We tend to hold men in a higher standard because we’re physically stronger, but women can also cause a lot of damage, women are more likely to use weapons and blunt objects or knives than men. When there are drug and alcohol abuse and there is a weapon in the household the chances of murder or manslaughter increases 500 %.

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