”Shine Like A Crazy Diamond”


”Look after yourself from within, and your beauty will shine through on your skin.”

Is the light you shine any less bright if no one notices or acknowledges it? Or is it possible to shine the light just because that is part of your life path? Those with the brightest lights are easier to see but their task is not to engage more people in the light, it is simply to shine their light in a more unconditional way. The light shines so all can see but not all do, not all want to, and not all need to. This doesn’t diminish the importance or value of the light. Its value is not measured by how many see, embrace, and embody it, but by how brightly it shines, even if it shines alone.

Those who shine most brightly are not burdened with lighting the greatest amount of darkness or bringing more people to the light, they become light beacons of the choice to embrace a higher frequency and vibration, not imperatives for change. Being an unconditional source of light means you shine brightly no matter who sees the light, it is there for all to see when it is their time and when they are ready.

Some have a journey of being in the darkness as encouragement for those who seek the light. They are also an important part of the foundation of light. Without shadows, light is invisible. And without light, there is no alternative to darkness. But there is no commandment for everyone to see the light, and there are no conditions on anyone, those who are in the light or in the dark, to become aware of the light, to embrace and embody it, and to also become a beacon of light for others.


That does not make the work of those who shine less successful or valuable. In an unlimited, unconditional Universe, every potential exists, even that to remain in the darkness. Shining with unconditional light makes the light available for all, without the condition of acceptance or acknowledgment.

If the fear of the results of darkness become the reason for shining your light then you are acting with conditions and judgment. You may be tempted to shine more brightly so others can see, but the potential for seeing and embracing the light depends on frequency and vibration, which also depend on the will, the lessons, karma, and soul path of each individual.


Just because you shine more brightly doesn’t mean others will want to see more light. Some may be blinded by the light and turn away because it interferes with their path. Others may use the light to make a choice to remain in their own darkness. The light you shine must be unconditional and you must shine from the joy of being in the light and in being a ‘being of light’, not because you believe you shine so others can see it and know the light for themselves.

The light is a path of joy, truth, and unconditional love, all as energies of higher frequencies. But the path of light does not include the need to become the force for the transmutation of darkness. Does the sun shine only because it is appreciated or does it shine because that is what it does? This is how you can find joy in your light as well, shine with the joy of the light and that you feel in your light. Having awareness of the light is your gift, so shine it for yourself, to light your own path. Don’t be discouraged if no one appears to see it because they cannot see what is not within their frequency or part of their life path.


When you become an example of joyful, joy-filled, empowered, and fulfilled living through your light, you can become an inspiration for others. Not because you shine more light but because they see the example of your light in action. This is how you inspire others to consider the light as an alternative to darkness and when you shine with unconditional light, you make the light a potential and allows others to make it an empowered choice that they make through their own free will.  And when you find the joy in your light it no longer matters whether others can share in your joy today, you are in joy and that allows your light to shine even more brightly for yourself, for everyone around you, and for all of humanity.

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