”Failure Is An Opportunity To Learn And Grow.”



”Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”

I am not sure who said the original quote “failure is not a person, it’s an event”. Sometimes, if we are honest, we can find fault in our plan, in our strategy, or maybe our commitment. Other times, we may have given absolutely everything, left it all on the field so-to-speak, and yet we still somehow managed to come up short. Either way, failure usually results in us asking one or both of these questions:

What is wrong with me?

What have I done to deserve this?

Have you ever asked yourself either one of those questions? I know I have, Of course, you have and you are not alone (if you answered No, we need to check you for alien DNA).


Being introspective is just part of being human. We are hardwired to question. When we fail, it is natural to wonder why. The problem arises not in asking why we failed; it’s in letting the reason for the failure define who we are or letting it create a fear that keeps us from trying again.



It’s not about avoiding failure. It’s about taking healthy ways to view, dissect, and learn from failure. Failure, just like every other obstacle in life, is another opportunity for you to grow. The greatest blessings in my life come from the treasure that God used in my trash or, in other words, the greatest blessings came from my greatest mistakes.

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